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“The Meat and Spirit Planis ferocious and dazzling, the work of a savage poet. Every scene is a hard polished gem of raunch and revelation. Strung together they build a force of piercing tenderness. It’s an impressive achievement, and a real pleasure to read.” —Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love


The Pink Institution is a book to be savored like a feast in the middle of nowhere—rich, strange, fragmentary and yet utterly compelling. Selah Saterstrom has managed to gather influences from visual art, photography, music, captions, footnotes, directories, family histories and weave them into a book of marvels and mysteries. Reader, go slow. This is a dream.” —Michael Klein

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not a rose

Hatry’s work, though it traffics in parts of non-human animals who were unjustly slain, and though it therefore partakes in the slaughter, has the decency to be beautiful, and to memorialize the slaughter through recontextualization… But beauty is one kind of dignity, for the lost, and it gives us a chance to remember them. Hatry’s determination and ambition to be beautiful nearly remediates the injustice. Rick Moody (writer, musician)

Flowers are the most striking and banal creatures of our hapless reality. Heide Hatry’s reimaginings free these potted blossoms from the prison of charm, pushing us into a realm where we question our relationship with beauty, animals, and dinner. Not a Rose solidifies Hatry’s place as one of our best conceptual artists. David Streitfeld (journalist, New York Times)

Not a Rose is an extraordinary volume, a work of conceptual art under the aspect of book, at once subtly undermining our notion of the meaning of beauty and amplifying the sphere in which we locate it. I think it’s terrific.
Annie Dillard (author)

In collaboration with Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Rebecca Brown, Thalia Field, Joanna Howard, Carol Novack, Can Xue, Selah Satertrom and and others, Heads and Tales presents photographic documentation of 30 sculptures by Heide Hatry, in which life sized female dolls have been crafted from animal skin and parts, addressing issues of violence, death, and gender identity. Each sculpture represents an imaginary woman for whom an invited female writer has created a biography.

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